No matter the size of your farming operation, BLOC can handle all your fueling needs. If you have a portable tank in the field, our bobtail trucks can deliver where transports cannot. If you have a bulk storage tank above or underground, our transport fleet can handle it. We also carry food grade mineral oils for all your irrigation, as well as lubes and greases to keep your equipment running at its best. To learn more, give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Credit Application

Interested in starting a line of credit with us for your wholesale purchases? Fill out and mail in the application by following the link below.

Bobtail Credit Application

Bulk Transport Application

Authorization Agreement

Proprietary Card Application

Whether you are a business that is trying to manage fuel costs or a family trying to stay organized, Homerun foods proprietary cards is your solution. Our proprietary card system offers our “on the go” customers the luxury handling their transaction at the pump. This card is great for businesses that need to consolidate their fuel purchases and track fuel consumption. BLOC can customize and set limits for each card and provide you with a breakdown of each vehicle every month. We can distinguish your cards by name, vehicle make and model, vehicle number, or any way you would like.  Let us handle all the hard work. It’s fueling made simple!

Fill out and mail in the Proprietary Card application by following the link below.

Cardlock Credit Application