J.B. “Brad” Lanier II’s passion was flying. Starting at an early age, Lanier completed his first solo flight at the age of 12. With nearly a decade of flight experience, 21-year-old Lanier was one of the youngest fighter pilot instructors in United States Air Force history. Following a storied aeronautical service, Brad yearned for more excitement. Being a father of five, Lanier dismissed the option to fly commercially and started Brad Lanier Oil Co., Inc. in April of 1965.New to the business, Brad hired BLOC’s first employee and loyal friend Hans D. Pomeroy. Through hard work and determination, Lanier and Pomeroy grew the business from one truck and two employees, to a player in the markets by the early 1970's. Following Lanier’s untimely death in 1988, Brad Lanier Oil Co., Inc. continued its success under the leadership of Mr. Pomeroy and Brad’s son J.B. “Jeff” Lanier III.  While the wholesale side of the business steadily grew, Jeff and Hans expanded the retail side even quicker. Homerun Foods quickly grew from two stores to nine under the command of the two partners.


                                                                               J.B. "Brad" Lanier II                                                                               



In recent years Lanier and Pomeroy brought on Jeff’s sons J.B. “Bradwell” Lanier IV and C.W. “Walker” Lanier. Bradwell focuses on the wholesale side of the business, and Walker the retail side. After a monumental fifty-two-year tenure, Pomeroy retired from BLOC in December of 2016. The knowledge Jeff and Hans have taught the newest generation has resulted in substantial growth in the wholesale trade and the completion of our tenth location “Homerun Fresh.” Brad Lanier Oil Co., Inc. continues to lead the wholesale and retail\industries with an amazing staff fueled by the deep-rooted values Brad Lanier established in the very beginning. Our morals and desire to provide the best customer service has been our first priority since day one!





                                                                                       Pictured: BLOC Headquarters 1970's                                                                                                                                                                        Pictured: Homerun Foods #2, 1988