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For over 50 years, Brad Lanier Oil Co., Inc. has been a leader in the oil industry. Headquartered in Albany, Georgia, our family-owned operation has grown to be one of the largest independent motor fuel distributors in Georgia. What started as a “tire sales and tune up,” type business, BLOC has evolved into a well-respected distributor of petroleum products in a majority of Georgia and parts of Alabama.

As the industry progressed, so did our Company. We continued our growth by opening our convenience store chain dubbed, “Homerun Foods.” Over the years, Homerun Foods has expanded from one self-serve station, to ten retail locations all over the Albany/ Leesburg area. All stores are employed with superb management, and accommodating staffs that share the same desire Brad Lanier had from the start: providing courteous and efficient customer service to our community.

Being a family owned business, we strive to treat our customers like our own. Without our dedicated staff, we would not be able to show of customers the appreciation they deserve. Whether you’re stopping by one of our retail sites for a quick snack, or ordering a transport load of fuel, we want your experience with us to be one Brad Lanier envisioned in the very beginning. Our dedication to customer service has kept us in business for three generations, and we strive to keep our reputation for generations to come!